Corvallis recycling 1970-1975
The Early Years

after 1970's Earth Day (directly below)

Earth Day 1970 - the beginning

This solar room was sold at the end of the day,
and transported to the new owners home.


"memorial" to those who started modern recycling in Corvallis.
Dr. Richard Ross - OSU Faculty Advisor
OSU Physical Plant
Jeff & Kathy Harvey
Pam & Mike Gaughan
John Matthews
Bill Gilbert      Dave Army
B.R.I.N.G. Recycling was Corvallis Recycling was Eco-Alliance Recycling was OSU Recycling (a product of the first Earth Day 1970)


John Matthews at the right.
1953 Chevrolet 2-ton in the back

One 1972 article - part 1


part 3

part 4


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