1. We are rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition.
This is the result of the accident of our birth and up-bringing.
We acknowledge a cultural connection to this tradition.
We have varying degrees of acceptance of this tradition as our own.
Just as Jesus was a product of his own culture and religion, so are we.
2. We are open to varieties of understanding of the faith.
We feel no obligation to any particular faith doctrine.
We do not have to agree with one another.
We see no indication that even one such as Jesus insisted in uniformity of belief.
3. We do not have members, nor recruit them.
Despite some of the stories of the New Testament (added by early
Christian editors) Jesus had no members.  He had, apparently, a small,
voluntary, group of learners who followed him and learned from him.
4. We do not intend to have a church or build and institution.
Again, we think the church has misrepresented Jesus in using him as 
an authority for church-building.
Jesus was a man of the moment, who—if anything—thought God’s
reign was immediate, not in some future world or time.
5. We have no budget, building, committees.
We recognize need for some degree of institution for sake of 
framework—but not need for institutionalism.
People who participate with us are expected to seek to fulfill their faith
ideals in the world of work, play, family, community—not in a church system.
6. We do not seek ministry, but accept it as it comes.
Again, we see Jesus as largely non-intentional about his various  activities, except that he seemed committed to responding to each situation in love and compassion and helpfulness.
In keeping with that example, we respond whenever we can to those who have need for help in celebrating a wedding, planning a memorial service, dealing with a problem, etc. We have done infant blessings, baptisms and counseling. (Not to mention a memorial service for 16 horses that died in a fire!)
7. We teach and spread ideas, without knowing what happens to them.
Again, Jesus in the model of one who let his words go where they would to provide light and help wherever heard and accepted. So we print booklets occasionally, and send mailings fairly regularly. We answer our calls and mail. We do whatever comes next, hopefully in the spirit of Jesus.