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We have performed weddings and listened to the hopes and problems of marriage for over 30 years.

All begin with high hopes.  Some flourish.

But all too many get into trouble.  Often the trouble goes back to some fairly simple problem.

Of course, relationships are complex, defying an easy fix.

These "tips" touch some terribly big factors which seem so obvious that they are often overlooked.

You may think, of others.  In fact, you should.

Your marriage is too important to be left to outside experts.  Each couple learns of things necessary to keep the relationship growing and glowing.

You probably won't need anyone else to tell you what your marriage needs.

However, if you have gone as far as you can and it still hurts, counseling is available to take you beyond where these "tips stop.

There is some "luck" in finding yourself happily married.  But we think people can improve their luck by paying attention to these simple tips.

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