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--Dr. Art Morgan
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   For more than 25 years we have listened to marriage problems.  Many seem beyond repair.  But many are in trouble for some fairly simple reasons.
   Of course, relationships are complex, defying an easy fix.
   Nevertheless, we think that some of these"Tips" are important and often overlooked factors which contribute to survival and satisfaction in marriage.
   We are tempted to suggest that the key factor is GOOD LUCK!  But we can't make that a matter for counseling.  There must be something more.
   So, here are 16 "Tips."  You may think of others.  In fact, your marriage is too important to be left to outside experts.  You probably don't require anyone else to tell you what your marriage needs.
   However, if you have gone as far as you can with your marriage and it still hurts, there is counseling available which can take you beyond where these "Tips" leave off.

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