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Sunday morning...
       I'm awake at 5:30
       no panic.
       I know I'm not preaching.

I thought I'd sleep in
       like ordinary folk
       but 25 years of habit
       doesn't realize.

Finally I'm showered
       and dressed for home
       wondering what to do
       on a Sunday

It's kind of like
       a family celebration
       only you're not going.

I drink my juice
       and down my vitamins
       and build a fire
       and wash the car.

It's first coffee hour now...
       then second service time
       and I'm not there.

We'll fix breakfast now
       and pass more morning
       and read a psalm.

Maybe after awhile
       it won't be Sunday morning
       anymore.                              ľArt Morgan 
                                                                         Feb. 1979 

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