JEANíS READING Ė 2000 thru April 2001

The truth is that we get more comment from Jeanís book lists than all of my writing put together. I usually try to get it out in January, but not this year. So this list includes 2001 up to May. It will turn out to be an incomplete list, due to space limitations. You would think that all she does is read. Not so. As I write sheís out back with her chain saw working on next winterís wood! We donít read the same books. I may have read two or three on her list. None of the mysteries. My beat is the eternal mysteries. She likes her mysteries best because she gets to know the ending. 

Morning books, read daily:
Chopra, Deepak: Creating Affluence (6th year) Tileston, Mary Wilder: Daily Strength for Daily Needs
Breathnach, Sara Ban: Simple Abundance (4th  year) Sarton, May: A Durable Fire (Poems)
Beattie, Melody: Journey into the Heart (4th year) Phillips, J.B.: Letters to Young Churches 
Jeanís Non Fiction 2000/2001 (In order of reading):
Browning, Frank and Sharon Silva: An Apple Harvest Simonds, Nina: China Express, A Spoonful of Ginger 
Mendelson, Cheryl: Home Comforts  Stewart, Martha: What to Have for Dinner
Child, Julia and Jacques: Cooking at Home  (skimmed) Madison, Deborah: Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
Waters, Alice: Chez Panisse Cafe Cookbook  (read thru) Weil, Andrew: 8 Weeks To Optimum Health,  Spontaneous Healing
Lazenby, Gina: Feng Shui House Book Mary Engelbreitís Sweet Treats Dessert Cookbook
Seppo Ed Farrey: 3 Bowls Vegetarian Recipes from an American Zen Buddhist
Cerwinske, Laura: In a Spiritual Style the Home as Sanctuary Wolfman, Peri: A Place For Everything
Hoppen, Stephanie: White on White  Manroe, Candace: Uncluttered Storage Room by Room
Messervy, Julie: The Inward Garden  Martin, Nancy: Tea Party Time
Branch, Susan: Girlfriends Forever Michio-Kushi: The Cancer Prevention Diet,    Macrobiotic Diet
Wilson, Judith: Inspiration, Decoration Streep, Peg: Spiritual Gardening
Lee, Vinny: Zen Interiors Wells, Jean and Valori: Through the Garden Gate
Wainrib, Barb: Prostate Cancer-A Guide for Women and the Men They Love
Viorst, Judith: Suddenly Sixty Lunden, Joan: Wake Up Calls-Making the Most Out of Life
Simontacchi, Carol: The Crazy Makers Ė How the food Industry is Destroying Our Brains and Harming our Children
Jeanís Mysteries 2000 / 2001:
Lockridge, Francis and Richard: Murder Comes First Grossman, Jo: A Taste of Murder
Read, Miss: Tylerís Row,  Village Diary,       Over the Gate Morice, Anne: Killing With Kindness
Freydont, Shelly: Backstage Murder  Lockridge, Frances and Richard: Stand Up to Die
Cohen, Nancy: Permed To Death Fforde, Katie: Life Skills,  Living Dangerously
Robinson, Patricia: A Trick of Light Sussman, Susan: Audition for Murder
Marsh, Naigo: Artists on Crime, Death in a White Tie Gilman, Dorothy: Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station (Plus others)
McMafferty, Taylor: Bed Bugs Eichler, Selma: Murder Can Singe Your Old Flame
Dereske, Jo: Miss Zukas in Deathís Shadow Wolzien, Valerie: The Student Body
Lamalle, Cecile: Appetite for Murder Borthwick,  Coup de Grace
Roberts, Lora: Murder Follows Money OíKane, Leslie: Ruff Way to Go
King, Peter: Death al Dente Claire, Edie: Never Sorry
Pilcher, Rosamund: Winter Solstice Andrews, Donna: Murder with Peacocks,       Murder with Muffins
Stewart, Mary: This Rough Magic Freeman, Mary: Devilís Trumpet
Conant, Susan: A New Leash on Death Morton, Brian: Starting Out in the Evening
Stevenson, D.E.: The Blue Sapphire Ferris, Monica: Crewel World,     Framed in Lace,    A Stitch in Time
Braun, Lillian: The Cat Who Robbed a Bank, The Cat Who Smelled a Rat Tyler, Lee: The Case of the Missing Links
Hager, Jean: Weigh Dead,  Sew Deadly Holtzer, Susan: The Wedding Game
Beaton, M.C.: Agatha Raisin and the Witch of Wyckhadden;    Öand The Fairies of Fryfam Page, Katherine: The Body in the Big Apple
OíMarie, Sister Carol Anne: Requiem at the Refuge; The Body in the Moonlight Swann, E.L.: Night Gardening

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