OK, OK, already! I’ll pause in my outpourings of personal wisdom to make room for the annual list of Jean's books that so many request. I'm supposed to tell you that this is only a partial list. I must also confess that I've only read read one book on her list, although I've heard reports on some of them. She wants it understood that she doesn't read from my list either.
The * indicates that she read other books by the same author that are not listed.  Here goes:
Daily Books, with Morning Pages:
     Deepak Chopra – Creating Affluence (5th year)
     Sarah Ban Breathnach – Simple Abundance (3rd year)
     Melody Beattie – Journey to the Heart (3rd year)
General Miscellaneous
(many out-of-print titles can alwo be located on
     Laurie Colwin – Home Cooking – More Home Cooking
     H. Leighton Steward – Sugar Busters
     Mary Engelbreit – The Art and the Artist 
     Dr. Atkins – The New Diet Revolution
     Karen Kingston – Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui
        "              "       –  Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui
     Julie Morgenstern – Organizing From the Inside Out
     Michelle Passoff – Lighten Up
     Starr Ockenga – Earth on Her Hands – The American Woman in Her Garden
     Jane Goodall – Reason For Hope
     Nina Simonds – A Spoonful of Ginger
          "           "     –  China Express
     Chris Casson Madden – A Room of Her Own: Women’s personal spaces
     Miss Read series – Winter in Thrush Green
                                –  Farther Afield
                               –  Village Diary, and a bunch more
     Katie Fforde – The Rose Revived
                             – Wild Designs
                              – Stately Pursuits
     Agatha Christie – Black Coffee* 
     Michael Lewin – Family Business 
     Susan Holtzer – Something to Kill For* 
     Patricia Tichener – Fowl Play 
     Rita Mae Brown – Murder on the Prowl 
     Lillian Braun – The Cat Who Saw Stars* 
     Leslie O’Kane – Death and Faxes* 
     Linda French – Coffee to Die For
     Peter King – Dying on the Vine
     Laurien Berenson – Watchdog 
     Susan Albert – Chili Death
     Charlotte MacLeod – The Balloon Man
     Jean Hager – Last Noel (Iris House B & B Mystery Series)
     Marie Lee – The Curious Cape Cod Skull* 
     Sara Frommer – The Vanishing Violinist 
     Gar A. Haywood – Bad News Travels Fast 
     Dorothy Gillman – Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax*
     Hazel Holt – Mrs. Malory and the Only Good Lawyer
     HRF Keating – The Body In the Billiard Room
     J.S. Borthwick – My Body Lies Over the Ocean
     Janet Laurence –  A Deepe Coffyn
                                 – A Tasty Way to Die*
     Elizabeth Peters – Crocodile on the Sandbank (Amelia Peabody Mystery Series)
     Emma Lathen – Pick Up Sticks (An Inner Sanctum Mystery) 
     Roy Lewis – A Wisp of Smoke
     Virginia Rich – The Nantucket Diet Murders
     Ann Morice – Death & The Dutiful Daughter
     Gillian Roberts – With Friends Like These (An Amanda Pepper Mystery) 
     Diane Petit – Goodbye, Charli - Third Time Lucky*
     Lora Roberts – Murder Mile High*
     Charlotte Elkins – Rotten Lies*
     Jo Dereske – Final Notice
     M.C. Beaton – A Highland Christmas
     Catherine Aird – Stiff News
     Earlene Fowler – Fools Puzzle
     Corinne Holt – Ho Ho Homicide
     Sheila Simonson – Skylark
     Ngaio Marsh – Enter a Murderer