Minister/President/Founder of Moment Ministries, Inc.   Primarily a Seattle native, graduate of the University of Washington, plus two degrees in preparation for the Ministry at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley CA.
     Minister of Christian Churches in Kelso WA (7 & 1/2 years), Huntington Park CA (6 & 1/2 years), and earned a doctorate at Claremont School of Theology before moving to Corvallis OR as Sr. Minister of First Christian Church (8 & 1/2 years.)  These ministries spanned the struggles of the Civil Rights era as well as the Vietnam War.
     After a career in traditional ministry, he left the professional ministry to start Moment Ministries in January of 1979. It is actually a front that allows for the performance of the pastoral and caring aspects of ministry
without the hassle of the organization.  Ability to do this ministry was made possible by a working spouse (1st grade teacher for Corvallis 509J).
     This ministry - almost exclusively for people outside tradition church structures - has continued for 20 years.
     If truth be known, Art's priorities are for his wife, Jean,  his 3 children (grown), and grandchildren, and sailing. Summers are spent at the family property on Puget Sound where all sorts of people stop by for a meal or a night, and usually a sail.  Art reads (see some of the book reviews), writes (check out the booklets and back pages), travels, and stays in touch with scores of people around the country.
     His theology is suspect (something you must discover through careful reading).  If there is a purpose to Art's ministry it is "to do whatever comes next."
It is definitely an unstructured ministry of "moments."
     There is no conscious hidden agenda.  Helping families put together meaningful personal celebrations of special times such as marriages and memorials are among the more valued ministries.  Semi-occasional "Thursday Night Church" events, in which people gather to think about life and spirit issues are also part of what Art does. He does informal "shoot from the hip" non-analytical counseling based on his years of pastoral experience as well as his professional counseling training.  (Check out "10 Things To Do Before You
See a Counselor.")
Art responds to his phone - when he is home - (541-753-3942) or to e-mail at