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Attention to the Unseen

A Theology For Prostate Cancer

Biblical Precedence for Ethnic Cleansing

Blaming The Chad

Can You Believe?

David and Goliath

Deep Calling To Deep

Exciting Future

Faithful Hope and Hopeful Faith

Follow The Money - President's Day piece

G. Hayden Stewart

Heidi Jones

Hopeless Faith and Faithless Hope

I Already Knew


It's Never Over

John Paul Pack

Keepers of the Myth

The Mystic Harmony

No Matter What

Not Caring About What Comes Next (2)

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Old Man Jesus

On Being The Deferential Spouse

On Petitionary Prayer

On Praying For Healing

Only 500 Million Years To Go

Reply To A Manhattan Bar

This Isn't Kansas  - Creationism vs. Evolution