I make Unavailable stuff for your car and Harley J/JD motorcycle:

1)  4056-23 for Harley Davidson (Brake Stud Connecting Link)

2)  Girling master cylinder Valve Spacer (non-return valve)

3)  windshield wiper bushing for Austin-Healey 3000 MkIII

4)  custom small milling projects: I like the challenge, and try to give you your part for $20; even though it may take me a week to get the machining instructions right.

4056-23 for Harley Davidson
Brake Stud Connecting Link

I am making these as I needed one; steel.

I can vouch that these fit 1923/24 and 1925+ rear wheel brake assembly; check your parts book before ordering. This would be the J and JD.

$15 including First Class mailing to U.S. and Canada. Email me at corvallis@peoplepc.com for other shipping costs. I take PayPal and am willing to list this item as a buy-it-now on eBay if you want more security.

           original on left; new one on right

       Don't you just hate it!  You start a rebuild of your English sports car, and you need that little part that goes in the end of the master cylinder; and nobody has it, or even knows what it's called.  Oh, they may have a NOS master cylinder or a kit (which no longer contains the valve spacer) but they can't offer any other help.
       This is what I faced; then I decided to take matters into my own hands and start making these.

       What happens is that the original has been sitting a soup of brake fluid and water, in electrical contact with aluminum, steel, copper, brass, and maybe lead.  Galvanic action causes the valve spacer to corrode into solution leaving you with little that lends itself to a good rebuild.

       These are manufactured to within 0.001" of an original, from a billet of solid aluminum.  The master used is from an 1965 Austin Healey 3000 MkIII.

This valve spacer is $20.00 not including shipping.  If there is any question about what you have, 
contact me by email at corvallis@peoplepc.com

     The part is #13.  It is from a Girling 7/8" I.D. servo assisted brake master cylinder.  It also appears to fit other Girling master cylinders (the clutch), and some Lockheed and Dunlop master cylinders.
     There are lots of reasons that master cylinders need to be rebuilt.  Some say rebuild success of any aluminum cylinder is questionable, and that they should be resleeved to assure maximum reliability.  You have to decide.
     We can only guarantee that this part is an accurate reproduction of an original.  We cannot guarantee that your total rebuild will be correct.

       We are milling the wiper post bushing (wiper spindle bushing) for above mentioned 1965 Austin Healey 3000.  We patterned this from an original, plus enough fiddling to make sure they'll work.  These are $20 apiece. Shipping is extra.

       This design can be altered to fit most other vehicles.  If you send me one of your bushings, we can machine several new ones.  If not, we'll send your original back and you're only out your initial postage.
     A really neat alternative to this, at least if you own a Jaguar XK120-140, is to get a new wiper arm from Jags Unlimited.  These are made in Taiwan and don't need the bushing at all.  They hold onto the wiper post via a compression fitting, like a close fitting used to connect copper tubing. 
     The wiper post diameter is 1/4".  These go for $18 and might be available for other diameters.
(these are also used on the Nash Metropolitan)