How to make the two springs that will work with a Mesinger #1 seat.
These are the ones in the cans:
The springs are supposed to be 5-inches long; longer on the Mesinger #2. I priced out having some made; $400
A good friend counseled, "Bill, the springs are hidden in the shock like housings. Nobody on a black horse at midnight is
gonna see whatever springs you found and put in. Especially if your doing 80 MPH on that ole crock going the other way!! "

Parts. top is completed, bottom shows parts.

This is how they go together.

Put in a vise and press bushings into left end of spring.

Press bushing into right end of spring.

Now we have two.

Clean out inside of cups, where leather seal rides, with a brake cylinder hone.

Cut out a leather seal using open end of cup to mark cut line; 1/8" leather.
Mount it on the threaded shaft between two fender washers with nuts.
Make the leather the correct size by chucking the threaded shaft in an electric drill and spinning against coarse sandpaper.

Done.  :-)
These springs may be too stiff for my 185-pound frame, but we'll see.